Sunday, 26 June 2011

KL Gengster !

To be frank, I went into the Giant Landmark to watch a 3D movie. But that time is hopeless for disappointed....than...i watch KL GENGSTER..
This film from Shamsul brand of cinema and his aggressive publicity seeking ways. . For a movie that is merely 90 minutes long, it sure felt like a never-ending tale. Sadly, ijai is everything I thought it would be - pretentious, over glossy and totally fake! At no point in time do you feel that anyone in this film (except malek) is even close to being real.. I agree, KL can be a tough city to like, but its just lazy to show the audience a series of picture perfect shots and assume that it is a glimpse of the city's pounding heart. It is a perfect quality from shamsul...n zizan is very funny (sialll)..hahahah


syafiqakarim said...

best ke.
tak tgk lagi.member ajak.
tp mcm xminat. haha

Khairul Ashyraf Sahaja said...

quite interesting juga la...aksi fighting dia best kot