Monday, 20 June 2011


I'm not sure how to say this to the world, but well I'm officially in part 3! Well not really I was here for one year. But I guess I like to think that I'm in it.Sometimes I even wonder how I got in this!..


Being a Uitm, is quiet hard but at the same time easy. What I am most enjoying right now is how we are studying about ART. I like how we can describe what we feel and put in into one painting all together.

What my biggest fear for me is my Confidence. Just like Green Lantern story.Fear of undermining ourself. I fear that sometimes I might get booed at! But I think I'll be good. So thats little bit about me at Uitm.

This term we have been focusing on what our goal is. This term I have to particular goals. My first one that I have recorded was my learning goal and my second one was my self management goal. I hope that I will be successful at these goals

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