Friday, 15 July 2011

Speed Kills

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I'm actually quiet new to the Gundam franchise since the first Gundam series I've watched and liked was Gundam Seed but I'm not that ignorant with this franchise since I at least know that its the first time that the Gundam universe introduced an alien enemy. I think it was a good idea to introduce aliens instead of the usual human vs human that people have seen for so many years since it gives a new feel to the series
Though there were 2 seasons of Gundam 00, it's obvious that the makers were planning for that right from the start. Some of the characters who seem completely useless and redundant in S1 suddenly become important in S2. We also learn more about the background stories of most of the characters in S2.
I love S1 as the introduction was done very well, it was well-paced and it ended with a big 'bang'. S2 did a good job in reintroducing all the main characters but the pacing of S2 was a little slow and it felt a little draggy at times.

4 good looking Gundam pilots and all of them have very different styles and personalities. However, in my opinion, the character who stands out the most is not a Gundam pilot. He's also my most favorite character from the series.

Graham - I love his passion! He's most likely the most passionate guy in Gundam 00.
Lockon - There are 2 characters in this role. I prefer the elder brother as his personality is more appealing to me.
Setsuna - He was pretty emo throughout S1 and I didn't quite like him then. His character matures in S2 and he displays more manly action.
Tiera - He's most likely the most beautiful guy in Gundam 00. He's pretty cold and emotionless throughout most part of S1. However, his character developed and he's definitely more likable in S2.
Allelujah/Hallelujah - Well, this guy has split personality. So whenever he goes on the wild mode, he calls himself Hallelujah. Personally, I prefer Hallelujah. I think Allelujah is a little wimpy.
I love the characters designs and the designs of the Mobile Suits, in particular Exia and 00. The animation is, as expected, really good. The battles between the Mobile Suits were very well-animated.

Even though I've only just finished watching Gundam 00 recently, I've heard some of the themes before as they were on the Oricon charts (Yes, I follow the Oricon charts.) Gundam 00 has very nice themes and one of the more memorable themes must be "TOMORROW" by Tsunematsu Ayumi. It is one the ending themes in S2. I personally like the version sang with the kids.

Love the characters! Enjoy the battles! However, I like the pacing of S1 better.

Good looking pilots, cool Mobile Suits, interesting battles, and a decent story.Gundam 00 is definitely a good watch! It also makes me more interested in other Gundam and mecha series.

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